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Making math thinking visible with Educreations.

Have a student explain a math operation in detail with Educreations.
Bob L.
Technology coordinator
Harvey-Swanson Elementary
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3
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Students will be able to...show their understanding of multiplication by explaining a problem with pictures, drawing, and voice.

Grades 2 – 4
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1 Hook

Show students some of the LearnZillion videos describing different models of multiplication. 

Some examples:

Area Model: https://learnzillion.com/lessons/1876-use-area-models-to-show-multiplica...

Array Model: https://learnzillion.com/lessons/1394-solve-multiplication-problems-by-d...

Skip Counting: https://learnzillion.com/lessons/39-solve-multiplication-problems-using-...

2 Active Engagement

Activity: Conversing

Pose the questions: If you wanted to make a video to explain a multiplication problem, how would you do it?  What problem would you explain?  What materials and manipulatives could you use from our classroom? Have available snap cubes, base 10 blocks, number lines, chips, and any other materials you use frequently in math.

Have students discuss the questions with their math partners.  Students should then find materials and practice explaining some problems to each other.


3 Partner Exploration and Engagment

If you have not used Educreations before in your classroom, you will need to give students a brief tutorial. I suggest having students watch you create an example presentation with pictures, drawing, text, and voice.

Have students create a presentation with their partner.  Make sure they each get a chance to talk and annotate the presentation. Students should be expected to pick a multiplication fact, name the model they are showing it with (array, area, skip counting, etc,), and solve the fact with good explanation.  Remind them that they are teaching someone else how to solve the fact.



4 Wrap-up and share out

Have partnerships meet with other partnerships and share with each other. While monitoring presentations pick out a few examples of different models to show to the whole group.  Highlight what was particularly helpful or unique about each one.

If this is your first time using Educreations, know that the presentations get better every time students use it .