Lesson Plan

Making Math Skills Easy in Preschool

Creating easy ways for children to use simple math skills such as counting, sorting, and tallying.
Sheila S.
Classroom teacher
Novi High School
Novi, United States
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My Grades Pre-K

Students will be able to...

Count from 1-10.

Recognize the numbers 1-10.

Tally objects together using one to one correspondence.

Sort objects by color or number.

Use fine motor skills to accomplish tasks.


Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Teacher Directed activity

Activity: Presenting

I will show numbers and practise counting with the children.  We will use fruit loops and I will show them how to place the fruit loops on number mats I have created.  They will help me count the fruit loops on the mats.  

2 Independent Practice

Activity: Exploring

The children will explore counting using individual counters and counting mats to reinforce concepts just taught in circle time.

3 Wrap up and Extention

The children will independently work at centers using technology to reinforce the math skills we have been learning and promote upper level skills of addition and subtraction.