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Makey Makey Introduction for Elementary Tech Club

Create your own inputs and then use them to program your game!
Katie H.
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Students will be able to... utilize the inputs created through the Makey Makey device to create drums, a piano, and a game controller.

Grades 3 – 5
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1 Makey Makey Introduction

Take out the Makey Makey device and use a document camera to show its components.

  • USB cord and how it plugs in to the computer
  • The alligator clips
  • The Earth Inputs that ground the device
  • The arrow, space and click inputs
  • The Play Dogh
  • The Foil to make into a bracelet to complete the current and allow Makey Makey to work.

Students view the demonstration before opening their kits. The teacher will take them to the website where the bongo drums are found: http://makeymakey.com/bongos/

Student Instructions

Then students will be able to open their kits and then explore how to get the Bongo Drums to play through their foil and/or Play Dogh.

Help each other trouble shoot if connections are not working.

2 Students Explore other Games and Inputs with Makey Makey

  1. Stop students for a moment.
  2. Regain attention. Ask the students to share what they have observed/learned with the class.
  3. Discuss the problems they experienced and how they were able to trouble shoot solutions.
  4. Direct students to the list of apps found on the Makey Makey site: http://makeymakey.com/apps/
  5. Allow them to explore some other games and inputs on the device. Make sure they are only using the Makey Makey to control the games and not the keyboard.

3 Review of Makey Makey Lesson

You can present this Nearpod to students on their device for review:

  1. Go to Nearpod.com and set up an account if you do not already have one.
  2. Once you have set up the account, click the above link to access the presentation that you can then launch for students.
  3. Use the interactive presentation to assess student understanding.