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Make Your Classroom Library Come Alive

Using Aurasma, students will review a book they read from the classroom library. Other students will then be able to access book reviews before deciding if they would like to read it.
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Students will be able to...

Identify key story elements of a novel at their reading level. 

Write an opinion of a novel  at their reading level.

Back up their opinion with examples from the text.

Speak clearly and fluently. 

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 12
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Show students a book review about a class favorite. 


Lead discussion about the purpose of book reviews. Why do people create book reviews? Who is the audience? 

Student Instructions

Watch book review. 


Discuss in partners, small gorups or whole class. 

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Post a link to you a YouTube playlist with age-appropriate book reviews. Have students explore them for 10 minutes. 

Create a Padlet with the question ,"What are some common characteristics of book reviews?"

Review  Padlet answers whole group and compile a class list common characteristics of book reviews.  These are the traits that each book review will have.

Student Instructions

Explore the YouTube playlist. Note the similarities between the reviews. 

Complete the Padlet, answering the question "What are some common characteristics of book reviews?"

Participate in class discussion.

3 Plan

Google Drive
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Using Google Classroom, push a template of a book talk that incudes the characteristics that your class decided on. Make sure to "Make a Copy for Each Student".

Student Instructions

Go to Google Classroom and complete your book review template in Google Drive.

4 Rehearse

Activity: Presenting

Montior students and give suggestions around fluency if needed. 

Student Instructions

Practice your talk with a partner.

You should be able to speak it, not read it.

You should sound natural.

Practice your pace, expression, and pronunciation.

5 Recording

Monitor students and assist as needed.

Student Instructions


Open the Aurasma app on the iPad.

If the app opens in camera view, click the A on the bottom.

Click the + button to add new content.

Click on Device to take a video or add a video from the iPad.

Click the + button on the top right to access your camera or photo album.

If you have already recorded a video, click Photo Album and locate your video. If you have not, click Camera to access the camera to record.


When you are finished recording, click use video.


Type your name and click finish.


Find your video and select it.


Click Next.


 Take a picture of your book cover. Make sure the slider on the bottom is centered. Click the purple camera button on the bottom right.


Your video should show up on top. Click the next arrow when you are ready.


6 Label

Label your books (I use a certain sticker) to show that it has a book talk connected to it. 

Student Instructions

When deciding on a book from the classroom library, check to see if it has a book talk connected to it by scanning it with the Aurasma app.