Lesson Plan

Make My Sound

Students will identify consonants/vowels and be able to sound out each letter.

Students will be able to recognize upper case and lower case letters.

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades K
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1 Engage

Activity: Reading

Read, “Curious George Visits the Zoo,” by Margaret & H.A. Rey. Teacher will read book and ask students to sound out the words with her, paying particular attention to vowels and sight words. Will ask questions, such as, “which is your favorite animal and why?” “How do lions look and what noise do they make?”

2 Explore

Teacher will show students how to log in.

Student Instructions

Students will take a selfie and make sounds that correlate with the animal. Each student will have their own video at the end.

3 Explain

Teacher will airplay app onto screen or use her phone to have the class identify/sound out the letters and words using the flash cards.

4 Elaborate

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will provide pencils, crayons, markers

Student Instructions

Students will draw their favorite animal

5 Evaluate

Activity: Other — Students will use an animal worksheet to color only upper case letters. Students will use an animal worksheet to color only lower case letters.


Teacher will provide crayons/markers and worksheets