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Major Battles of the Civil War

Students will study the major battles of the Civil War
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Students will be able to...

Name and Locate the major battles of the Civil War.

Name and Discuss important historical figures associated with the battles.

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Grades 5
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1 Introduction

Activity: Investigating

We have been studying the Civil War for a few weeks.  I am now ready to discuss some of the major battles in detail of the Civil War.  To peak the students' interest in this part of the lesson, I am planning a field trip to Civil War Days, a local battle reenactment based on the battle that took place in Guyandotte.

2 Research

First divide the class into 5 groups and randomly assign them a civil war battle to research:  Fredricksburg, Bull Run, Antietam, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg.


Student Instructions

The students will also use the Civil War Trust battle apps to research each battle.  The students will find out the location of the battle, historical figures involved, number of deaths both North and South. and the outcome of the battle.

3 Independent Practice

Be sure Google Earth is installed on iPads.

Student Instructions

Students will use Google Earth to locate each battle took place.

4 Wrap-up

Make sure iMovie is installed on iPads.

Student Instructions

Students will create an iMovie to present what they have learned about each groups battle.  They can include pictures, re-enactments, student recordings, etc. to compose their movie.  Each of the groups' movies will be shown on the SmartBoard.  A rubric will be used to evaluate the presentations.