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Living Together: This is Home: Animals Adapt

What different animal structures enable an animal to live and thirve in a home?
Kristy (GAE) L.
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to discuss how tadpoles and butterflies change and use different body parts in a habitat.

English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 Identifying Animal Body Parts

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will show photographs of various animal parts and lead a discussion about their purpose.  Vocabulary: wings, legs, fins, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, scales,

Student Instructions

Students will look at photos of animal parts and discuss their use.  Vocabulary: wings, legs, fins, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, scales,

2 Brainpop Interactive

Teacher will show and discuss two BrainPopJr Movies: Frogs and Butterflies

Student Instructions

Students will watch and discuss two BrainPopJr videos: Frogs and Butterflies

3 Class Discussion

Activity: Conversing

Teacher guides class discussion: Can you explain why an animal needs a certain body part? (DOK 2)

Student Instructions

Students turn & talk: What would happen if an animal didn't have a certain body part? (DOK 3)

4 Interactive Learning Activities

Teacher will explain project choices to students in either KidPix or Kidspiration, explaining rubrics as well.

Student Instructions

Students will choose either KidPix or Kidspiration to show what they know.  In Kidpix students will draw the life cycle of the butterfly or frog.  In Kidspiration students will choose the appropriate graphic organizer and show the life cycles.