Lesson Plan

Literature Essentials: Attention Grabbers

Students will learn how to identify and differentiate between attention grabbers
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My Grades 10
My Subjects English Language Arts
  • Students will explore some of the different types of attention grabbers that are used in writing and will be able to differentiate between them.
  • Students will engage the reader with an attention grabber that is appropriate for both audience knowledge and to the topic.
English Language Arts
Grades 10
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1 Introduction (Hook)

  1. Give students access to BaiBoard
  2. ​Have students write down the knowledge of attention grabbers 
  3. Display BaiBoard on overhead projector to show students what they know!
  4. Take note of student input
Student Instructions
  1. Pick a color and let me know what color you chose
  2. Write down all of the attention grabbers you can think of off the top of your head

2 Instructional Activities (Direct Instruction)

Activity: Other — Identifying

Review introduction layout/development on the board:

  1. Attention grabber
  2. Filler information 
  3. Thesis statement
  4. Plan of development

Teacher Example:

As reported by Edgar Snyder & Associates, a law firm representing injured people, “the National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.” Additionally, texting while driving is one of the leading causes of death by a motor vehicle. Drivers do not feel threatened by the laws that are currently in place; otherwise, the issues with texting and driving would not be as high as they are now. There should be stricter penalties for texting and driving in order to defer drivers from participating in the act. Penalties such as increased fines, revoked drivers license, or sentenced jail time could serve a better purpose to defer drivers from the act than the laws that are currently in place.



Student Instructions

Need: Four volunteers

Task: Each volunteer will do one of the following:

  1. Underline the attention grabber in red
  2. Underline the filler information in yellow
  3. Underline the thesis statement in green
  4. Underline the thesis statement in blue

3 Instructional Activities (Guided Practice)

Activity: Other — Matching
  1. Give Students "Hooking Your Readers" Worksheet and allow 10 minutes to complete.
  2. As a class, discuss the results of the worksheet and why students chose the answers they did. 
Student Instructions
  1. Complete "Hooking Your Readers" worksheet
  2. Discuss with your classmates your answers and reasons for your answers. 

4 Instructional Activities (Guided Practice)

Activity: Creating

Have students retrieve their computers and create five  different attention grabbers appropriate to their topic. They will write their AGs on a Microsoft Word document after they use the link (Google) to research different information for their attention grabbers (quotes, facts, etc.)

Student Instructions

Using a computer, create five different forms of attention grabbers,  on a Microsoft Word document, that are appropriate to your topic. You must use Google (or other search engine apps) to research some relevant information for your AGs (quotes, facts, definitions, etc.)

5 Instructional Activities (Independant Practice)

Activity: Other — Implementing
  1. Have students choose one of their attention grabbers to apply to their introduction.
  2. After they choose their AG, have the students create their introduction following the same format from the "hook" section of the lesson.

**All writing will be done on the same Word document.

Student Instructions
  1. Pick your favorite attention grabber
  2. Develop your introduction with your attention grabber, filler information, thesis statement, and plan of development. 

**All writing will be done on the same Word document

6 Wrap Up (Conclusion)

Activity: Conversing

Turn and Share

  • Instruct students to share their introductions with their neighbor and be ready to offer at least one piece of constructive criticism. 
  • Assess understanding of use of attention grabbers and also the student's ability to accurately write an introduction. 
Student Instructions

Turn and Share

  • Turn to your neighbor and share your introductions with each other. 
  • Offer at least one piece of advice to your partner and type that piece of advice in red ink underneath your introduction.
  • Email me your entire document