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Literature Circle Book Trailer

Use interactive tools to create a fun digital version of a classic.
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Students will be able to...summarize the main points of their chosen book. They will decide on those most important details and plan a storyboard for their trailer. After thorough planning, students will turn their vision into an actual iMovie complete with a hook, music, and credits. 

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Brainstorming Via Online Discussion

First, to get students engaged, have them view some online movie trailers using sites like Vimeo and ComingSoon.

Teachers will monitor the online discussion of group members for each literature circle book. Students should be discussing which elements of the book to include in the storyboard/final movie and which to omit. 

Student Instructions

Brainstorm between your group members (among other classes or in this section only) to come to an agreement on ideas for the storyboard, using Edmodo, the online discussion board. Be sure to post in your book's group, not the whole class group.

2 Time to Storyboard

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Have students take the ideas they brainstormed online and make a digital storyboard via the website Storyboard That. If you choose, you may evaluate the storyboard using the online rubric generator, Rubistar. 

Student Instructions

Using Storyboard That, create a digital storyboard to plan your iMovie prior to filming. Get as creative as you would like, using various scenes, characters, layouts, etc. Remember that what you plan on the storyboard is essentially what will be shown in your iMovie, with minor changes. 

3 Create the Trailer

Instruct students to follow their online storyboards and start making their trailers. Use Rubistar to give the students the evaluation criteria ahead of time so they are well aware of your expectations. Students can be given the option to use iMovie or to use GoAnimate for their completed trailers. 

Student Instructions

Following your online storyboard as best as possible, create your literature circle book trailer. You may choose to use iMovie, inserting pre-recorded clips, your own recorded media, and/or pictures. You may also choose to go a different route and use GoAnimate, a website that allows you to create a completely animated trailer. This would be a good option for those of you who cannot find a common time to collaborate and film together. 

4 Publish the Trailer

Google Drive
Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Have students share the video with their other group members and with you. They may also turn it in by other digital means, but GoodDrive/Docs seems to be the most favorable method of sharing.

Student Instructions

Turn in your trailer to the teacher by sharing with him/her using your Google Drive. You may also choose to turn it in using Showbie. Be sure to have consulted the rubric provided for you prior to submitting the final product.

5 Post-Submission Self-Evaluation

After students have created and submitted the trailer, have each group member complete a self-evaluation via ExitTicket. Questions could range from, "How much did I contribute to this process?" to "How could we have improved this trailer?"

After the classmates have viewed the trailer, have each make a comment about it on Edmodo, examining strengths and weaknesses of each one. You may also choose to poll the viewers on Edmodo about the trailer. 

Student Instructions

Complete the Exit Ticket via the more detailed instructions from your teacher. You will be self-evaluating your performance on this project. After viewing each group's trailer, you will need to post to Edmodo about each trailer. List a strength and a weakness.