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Literary Themes in Latin American Literature

Students will find different literary poems throughout different regions and time frames where people speak Spanish. We will go over the Baroque and other eras.
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Students will be able to...

Recognize that there are different styles of writing for each region in Latin America and Spain as well as the different time periods.

Recognize that dialect and word meanings are different in each country and region. 

Find themes in each era and from different writers.

World Languages
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Engage

Activity: Presenting

Go over various poems and stories from each theme and each region of the countries, specifically Chile, Central Latin America before and during the Spanish inquisition, Argentina, and Spain. Dialogue and pin point various themes. In the Mexican literature make sure to find stories of how the indigenous people saw the Spaniards coming to their country. Look at both sides of stories, read Christopher Columbus’ journal entries.

2 Explore

In groups of 3 have students write a paper on what they have found so far based on what we have read in class. What movements and what time frames were learned about so far. Then they will pick one time era in example, Baroque, Romanticism etc. then go in depth. Also, get the students to go on Google Art project and explore more of the app and learn more about the culture.

3 Explain

Students will present their findings to the whole class and present what they found. They will also create a Prezi to demonstrate in brief along with pictures, diagrams, and charts.

4 Evaluate

Activity: Creating

Students will turn in the essay for a collaborative grade, (make sure students in a separate piece of paper outline who was in charge of what. Doing so prepares students for college and group presentations). Then grade students on how much effort and whether they incorporated: literary theme, specific poem studied, an decent portrayal/remake to modern time.