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Literacy Strategies in Literacy Circles

Students will all read from the same short story literature and use specific literacy strategies to gain a deeper understanding of the text and to discuss ideas with peers.
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Students will be able to use the literacy strategies of making connections, determining importance, questioning, making inferences, making predictions, and visualization to analyze, interpret, and respond to text. 

Students will be able to collaboratively discuss ideas and build higher-order thinking skills through discussion of guided questions and tasks.  

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades 7 – 12
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Activity: Reading

**Any text can be used as a PDF or as a Google Doc and share a copy to each student. 

Teacher will share a copy of a folder of materials to each student, review all literacy strategies and provide a brief summary and rubric for each strategy to the students as a guide, as well as previous student models for review..

Students will independently read the text and independently annotate their own text with one example of each of the 6 literacy strategies using Google docs tool of highlighting text and leaving annotations as comments linked to specific cited text).

Student's will share their documents (annotations) within their groups and each student will review each other's annotations and leave one comment on a peer's strategy. Students will then synthesize their annotations (all students will copy and paste their highlighted cited text and the correct literacy strategy annotation into the graphic organizer provided in a Google Doc)

For HW: students will use their graphic organizer to determine a common theme that arises within their annotations of the text

Student Instructions



Please paste your cited text and related annotations from today's reading into the Graphic Organizer:



Review your graphic organizer to synthesize all your ideas and to determine a common theme that arose from your reading experience and related thinking using specific literacy strategies. Be ready to post, discuss, and support your theme in a collaborative discussion at the beginning of the lesson tomorrow.