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Literacy Lesson Plan - Kindergarten ReadyGen

This is an ELA Ready Gen lesson 4, Unit 4. This is a continuation lesson. A second or third reading. The students are familiar with the story and characters.
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Students will be able to explain vocabulary words by analyzing details in the illustrations to match words in the text.

Students will be able to retell the story by sequencing the events.

Students will be able to identify key details in the story.

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1 Hook Connect to previous lesson

Activity: Conversing

Connection to previous lesson. Identify a detail from the character's culture. 

Tell some key details from the story


Student Instructions

Students will share details from yesterday's story.

2 Direct Instruction-Introduce vocabulary

Introduce vocabulary words that are in the story and will be matched with illustrations.




Student Instructions

Students will look at pictures that represent the vocabulary words.

Turn and talk to a partner about a collection they have or would like to have.

3 guided practice - listen to the story on youtube

Free, Paid

 Show the book on YouTube on Smartboard.

Model how to use pictures to match the words in the text. 

Show the page with the owls. Think out loud what I see. Looks like a group of different types of owls. I think that's called a collection. I remember that a collection is a group of the same things.

Follow same steps for the word aquarium

Now we will play a game to find the missing word. I will read a sentence on the next page. Then I will show you 3 words. Which word best matches the picture? 


Student Instructions

Students will watch and listen to the story Saturdays y domingos on YouTube.

Students will verbally respond. Discuss how they got their answer.

4 independent practice - writing activity

Free to try, Paid

Review vocabulary words and how they were matched to the pictures in the story.

Student Instructions

Draw, write or dictate an experience of a place they visited like the zoo or park.

Label their pictures.