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Literacy Circle Debate

Student engagement through technology
Darin C.
Principal/head of school
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies, Health & Wellness

Students will be able to...particpate in a debate, taking on both sides of a controversial topic, as well as commenting and posting counter-arguments as the debates take place. 

Social Studies
Grades 8 – 12
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1 Socratic Debate utilizing newsela.com

Free, Paid

Students are given an article from newsela.com The article is based on their ability level (Lexile scores) students are asked to take opposing viewpoints and gather evidence to support their stand on the subject (i.e. Gun control, abortion rights, Affirmative action, school suspension, school dress code, etc.). Once the students have developed their arguments, they face another student who has taken a stand on the opposing view. Student that are not involved in the debate will utilize backchannel Chat or Socrative to comment and particpate giving feedback or counter-arguments as the debates are taking place.