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Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle for Civil Rights (or any other subject)
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will begin with a KWL chart. This is a what do I know, what do I want to know and what have I learned about chart. In this instance it will be dealing with the civil rights movement. The teacher will have an open discussion with the students about their responses. The students will then lump up into groups based on what they know. The students will be lead to write down as a group, everything they know about that particular part of the Civil Rights Movement.

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will begin by showing the video of Martin Luther King Jr. from Brain Pop. The students will be instructed to write down any idea that he gives about the civil rights movement. Upon the completition of the video the class will discuss what events or ideas they thought MLK Jr. had on the video.

The teacher will use the PBS learning website to enhance instruction about the Civil Rights Movement. The website offers endless amounts of information and resources about many different subjects. The students will view primary and secondary resources from the Civil Rights Movement. They will also view short videos or listen to short audio clips for engagement purposes.

The teacher will use the game from iCivics called do I have the right. The game engages students on whether they have the right to do something or not and then matches the rights to the amendments. The teacher will instruct the students to play the game and match the rights. Then the teacher will lead a discussion about what rights would have been different before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

3 Guided Practice

The teacher will begin the lesson with a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn3tUOJ9yv4) of a lip sync battle betwen the Rock and Jimmy Fallon. The teacher will then explain that they will pick a popular song that speaks to the civil rights movement. The students will put together a lip sync preformance that acts our part of the Civil Rights Movement that they have learned about. The teacher will direct the students to use Lyrics Training to help them learn the lyrics. However, the students can use the internet to help with lyrics.

The students will compete in a classroom competition for the lip sync champion. The teacher can use RubiStar to create a rubric so the students know the expectations of the project.

*Note: This activity doesn't have to be used for just for the Civil Rights Movement. It can be customized for nearly any subject.

4 Independant Practice

The students will work also work on creating a Prezi, (This is very similiar to Power Point, with many more options and layouts) on the Civil Rights Movement. The teacher will guide and instruct on how to make a Prezi and then allow (either in class or at home) to creat a prezi about any aspect of the Civil Rights Movement. Once again the teacher can use RubiStar to help the students understand the expectations.

5 Wrap-Up

Using the application Exit Ticket. The students will take a 5 question quiz that will sum up the Civil Rights Movement. In order to complete the quiz the students must correctly answer all 5 questions. If they miss a questions, the students who miss must collaborate and as a group come up with the correct answer. If no students miss the answers the teacher will lead a discussion and allow the students collaborate about the questions on the Civil Rights Movement.