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Linear Regression

Using Linear Regression to make Predictions #STEMchallenge
Shannon S.
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • Make scatter plots of real world statistics
  • Do a linear regression to determine a best line of fit
  • Make a prediction based on the regression line
Grades 8 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Introduce trend lines by playing the video Ted Ed "The Good News of the Decade":  https://youtu.be/xVBNT7phYsg 


Student Instructions

Have students take Cornell notes on the causes of trends of child mortality rates and 2 interesting facts.

2 Direct Instruction

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Use Google Slides or Power Point in a presentation on scatter plots and trend lines along with Google Sheets.  Go over positive and negative trend lines and correlation of data using previously gathered class data by demonstrating how to create scatter plots and trend lines with Google Sheets.  Have students mimic example with their own device.

3 Guided Practice

Have students create one trend line from a scatter plot they create on Google Sheets.  The data that will be used is shoe size vs height that was gathered earlier in the class.  After students have shown their trend line to the instructor...Have the students complete a Google Form that gives the instructor feedback on their level of confidence on the material.  The instructor should use information to make sure each student gets help before the next level in the lesson if they need it.

4 Independent Practice

Have students go to Get the Math website http://www.thirteen.org/get-the-math/ and play the Math in Restaurants Video Challenge.  Have students complete the challenge.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Investigating

Have students choose one from among the following topics:

  • Affect of Education on childhood mortality rates
  • Affect of Economy on childhood mortality rates
  • Affect of immunizations/healthcare on childhood mortality rates
  • Affect of war on childhood mortality rates

Have students conduct research of their topic and find data for the last 20 or more years concerning their topic.  Their written report should include a scatter plot of their data and a regression analysis.  The report should also include a prediction for the year 2030.  Have Students make presentations to the class their findings using a presentation software or app.