Lesson Plan

Linear Regression

Graph quanitiative data and fit a linear regression to model the data

Students will be able to plot data that they have collected on a graph. They will construct a line of best fit (regression line) to model their data. They will be able to interpret the slope and intercept of the regression line they calculated. 

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Data collection

Activity: Exploring

The teacher will give the students a paper helicopter template to give to the students along with a data table to record their finding. 

Student Instructions

Students will drop their helicopter from 15 different pre-marked heights and record the time it takes for the helicopter to reach the ground. 

2 Insert Data into Desmos

The instructor will ask the students to insert their data into the Desmos activity and answer various questions regarding linear regression. 

3 Linear Regression Assumptions

Activity: Assessing

The instructor will talk to the students about the assumptions that must be met in order for a regression model to be appropriately used. 

4 Exit Ticket

Activity: Investigating

The instructor will ask the students to complete a problem out of the book which refers to linear regression and the associated assumptions. This problem will be completed in class and will be turned in as the students leave.