Lesson Plan

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

This lesson has students examine and increase awareness of health related issues in the 21st century.
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My Grades 10, 11, 12

Content Skills Sets

Information Technology Applications                     

Knowledge Objectives  Students will demonstrate knowledge of                                            

0711.30 •information technology.           

Performance Objectives               Students will                                     

0711.31 •communicate using technology to access and distribute data and other information.   


Next Gen Standards

21C.O.9-12.1.TT3 Student uses advanced utilities, converts files to different formats, & saves finished products to multiple media sources.

21C.O.9-12.1.TT4 Student uses audio, video, pictures, clip art, moviemaker programs, webpage design software, electronic documents and other files to collaborate for the creation of electronic products.

21C.O.9-12.1.LS2 Student analyzes and interprets impact digital media influences have on audiences; visual products reflect sophisticated understanding of subject, digital media & design techniques

21C.O.9-12.3.LS6 Student maintains strong focus on project goal; frames questions & planning; reflects upon possible action & likely consequences; sets objectives


Health & Wellness
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Pre-planning

Activity: Exploring

Gather a list of current Healthcare Issues that effect 21st Century America.  This list can be national, state, or local issues of concern.  You can use the HOSA Public Service Announcment topic for the year if you would like.  This can be a classroom project or part of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) competitive event.  If you decide to use this as  a HOSA competive event, review the guidelines at HOSA.org under resource tab.

Student Instructions

Research public service announcements (PSA) and view samples.  You can find them on You-Tube under HOSA PSA.


Free, Paid

Begin by having students review public service announcements.

Students critique an online PSA example using a  HOSA rubric at hosa.org/node/117

Ask Students:

What would you change about this PSA?

How would you have created it differently?


Student Instructions

Use the provided rubric to score the public service announcements that you review.  Note changes you would make to improve the project.

3 Direct Instruction


Create an Infographic with information to be included in the public service announcement.

Create a story board of public service announcement by writing a script, obtaining pictures, locating music and sound effect/transitions. 

Create/Record the public service announcement using Movie Maker, Animoto, iMotionHD or another resource available. 

Set the time limit for each PSA. One minute is sufficient. HOSA guidelines require thirty seconds with introduction and ending credits.  Follow guidelines if using this assignment as a HOSA competitive event. 


Student Instructions

The PSA will promote a healthcare service organization, increase awareness of a healthcare situation, or educate the public at large in regard to health and well-being.

 The PSA may be recorded on a DVD or USB Flash Drive.

 The PSA must be original with the teams drawing upon artistic, musical, written, and technical skills to create an original production. Running times will be considered as first fade/visual/sound to the last.

 The team will choose the genre (comedy, drama, documentary, musical video, etc.) and target audience they think will work best with their PSA to promote the subject/theme.

Public Service Announcements must be accessible in Windowns Media Player or Quicktime Format.

4 Guided Practice

Students begin to create a public service announcement using the research obtained, storyboards, and other items. 

Students must follow all copyright laws when creating a public service announcement. 

Public service announcements must be formatted to play with Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

Student Instructions

Create a public service announcement compatiable with Quicktime or Windows Media Player. 

Two peers will review and critque each PSA using a provided rubtric.

5 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students are to use the peer reviews to for edits to  public service announcement before final publication with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Student Instructions

Use peer reviews to edit your public service announcment before finalizing your project.

6 Wrap-UP

Activity: Presenting

Students present public service announcements before the entire class.

Students score PSAs and classroom winners are chosen. 

Winning public service announcements can be played on school media system and/or local television station.

Student Instructions

Score each public service annoucement. 

Choose winning PSAs.