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Life in the North and South Before the Civil War

Students will be using primary and secondary sources to compare life in the North to life in the south in the antebellum period.
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Students will be able to...

Explain differences between life in the North and life in the South

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1 Hook

On SchoolTube, show a clip of the song "Go Down Moses."

Ask students what they notice about the song. Project the lyrics for the 1836 song sung by protesting workers in Lowell, MA.

Oh! isn't it a pity, such a pretty girl as I

Should be sent to the factory to pine away and die?

Oh! I cannot be a slave, I will not be slave!

For I'm so fond of liberty

That I cannot be a slave. 

Have students compare the two sets of lyrics--what do they notice? Have students predict the context of the songs. Use this discussion to transition into the direct instruction.

2 Direct Instruction

Use the website to teach the lesson "Factory vs Plantation in North and South." Download the student resources as PDFs. Upload them to Dropbox, create a shared folder, and share the folder with your students.

3 Guided Practice

Students will analyze the primary sources in the lesson and will use information gleamed to fill the worksheet comparing duties and rules for the mill and the plantation. The PDFs will be downloaded from the Dropbox folder into Notability, either as a single or as individual notes. This will allow students to write directly on the PDFs. Once the activity is finished, students will upload the note(s) back into the shared Dropbox folder (changing the name to something appropriate).

4 Independent Practice

Quia Web
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Students will complete a quick quiz on differences and similarities between factory life and planation life.

5 Wrap-Up

Students will create a glog demonstrating their understanding of the topic. Their glog should include three similarities and three differences between the North and the South. It should include 3 pieces of media that relate to the topic.