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Life Cycle Project

Students will expand on their knowledge of the butterfly life cycle by learning about the frog life cycle independently.
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After learning about the butterly life cycle in our reading curriculum, students will gather information about the frog life cycle and/or other animal life cycles using EPIC. Then students will use WIXIE to record the life cycle information learned during their independent exploration. Finally students will post their WIXIE projects to CLASS DOJO to share their learning with their parents. 

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

To engage students in the project, show these videos on Youtube. Talk about the similarities and differences between the frog life cycle and the butterfly life cycle that was previously learned about. 

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

Choose a non-fiction text appropriate for your grade level that teaches about the frog life cycle. Discuss the similarities and differences with the butterfly life cycle that was previously learned about.

3 Guided Practice

Using the EPIC books app, students should search for "frog life cycle" or just "life cycle" to do independent research. Students can read the books and watch the videos that appear on the search page. 


If you do not have EPIC or a similar independent reading app, students can do their research with books available in the school/classroom library.

4 Independent Practice

Using WIXIE (or a similar app/website available to your school) create a picture using backgrounds, stickers, and the paint feature to illustrate the frog life cycle. Use the recording feature for students to record him/herself talking about the frog life cycle. 


If you do not have access to WIXIE or a similar app, students can draw a picture of the frog life cycle based on the information they learned.

5 Wrap-Up

If your classroom uses CLASS DOJO, have students post their individual WIXIE projects on their student story pages for parents to view. 


Students could also take a video of themselves showing their frog life cycle pictures and talking about the information learned on the student story page of CLASS DOJO.


If your class does not use a program like CLASS DOJO to connect to parents, students can simply share their frog life cycle pictures with the class.