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Life Cycle of Plants

Learners will master the order and details of the stages of plant development.
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Students will be able to:

  • Understand that plants have a life cycle that includes sprouting; developing roots, stems, leaves, and flowers; reproducing; and eventually dying
  • Observe the changes that occur during plant growth and development
  • Understand that the life cycle of plants is different from the life cycle of humans
  • Sequence the stages of plant life
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Activator

 The Plant Life Cycle - Science Lesson for 2nd Graders video is a nice introduction or quick review of the life cycle of a plant. The video has a lot of information, so may be show in parts.

Have learners draw the cycle on a blank piece of paper while watching.

Student Instructions

Click to watch a video about plant life cycles.  Make a drawing to show what you learn while watching.

2 Instruct: Diagrams & Books

Activity: Conversing

Have learners think-pair-share their drawings for similarities and differences. Move around the room and work with pairs, suggesting modifications to the drawings based on the video.

Student Instructions

Work with your elbow partner and share your drawing. How are they the same and/or different? Make changes to your drawing if you feel you missed something or have something extra.

3 Practice with Plants HD

Have learners work individually or in pairs to move through the Plants HD app. Provide a blank life cycle diagram such as the one found here.

Adviser learners to complete the diagram with each stage and details about each. Make sure they are in order!

Student Instructions

Work with the app, Plants HD, to learn more about the life cycle of a plant. Complete the blank diagram with all you learn.

4 Make a script!

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Using the diagram, learners will write a script to narrate the Seed to Flower video found here.

Show the video first. Open a blank Google Doc in Google Drive (or have a template prepared) and ask students to use their diagram to add an audio track to the video that explains the life cycle of the plant for someone that does not know how it works!

Student Instructions

It's your turn to be a movie maker. Watch the Seed to Flower video. Then look at your diagram and plan for how your information will be the words for the video.

Type your script in a Google Doc!

5 Wrap up and Extend

Provide students with a seed to plant (use a small dixie cup or ziplock bag). Have them observe the process over time.

Students can view the Magic School Bus video to compare their video to and/or increase knowledge about the plant life cycle.