Lesson Plan

Library Orientation

Students will create a ThingLink to show features of the library
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1.  I will know (knowledge): library hours, basic procedures for using the library and library layout

2.  I will be able to (skill): create a ThingLink map of the library that shows the major features students use.  

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Other — Bell Work/Brain Teaser Focus Activity

Post focus activity/bell work. This one is simply a brain teaser to get the students minds going. 

"What travels the world but stays in a corner?"

Answer: a stamp

2 Direct Instruction

Create a PowerPoint (or any other presentation) that serves to:

-Introduce staff

-Outline basic library procedures and layout for your space

-show example of a ThingLink library map: http://www.bgcsedu.org/BGS/Students/Library/LibraryMaps/ElementaryLibraryMap.htm

-Then, go over how to use ThingLink and show rubric for the activity

Example rubric:

Quality of Work

4-Provides work of the highest quality. At least 15 aspects of the library are covered with tags.

3-Provides high quality work. 10-14 tags are included.

2-Provides work that occasionally needs to be checked or redone or include less than 2 photos or less than 10 tags.

1-Provides work that usually needs to be checked/redone and photos/tags are not complete.

Digital Citizenship

4-Student uses technology as instructed 100% of the time.

3-Student uses technology as instructed at least 90% of the time.

2-Student uses technology as instructed at least 80% of the time.

1-Student uses technology as instructed less than 80% of the time.

3 Guided and Independent

Free, Paid

Put students into groups of about 4 and give them one device to take their photos.

Have groups brainstorm what they think they need to include after seeing the example in the above step. 

Have students take photos and upload to ThingLink. Students in a group can then all log into the same account to work collaboratively on tagging the photos. 

I required one photo per member in the group. Number of tags required depended on time and ability levels of the group. 

Student Instructions

Problem…The library is moving. We need to make sure to include all important items from this library into the new space.

You will work cooperatively with your group to create a ThingLink that highlights important aspects of the space.

Make it so either a new student or a mover could look at your map and know what needs to be set up in the new space. 

4 Wrap Up

Display Exit Ticket: After exploring the library today what is one question you still have or what did you learn that you did not know before? Share your answer on Poll Everywhere