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Library Call Numbers

Review of Library Call Numbers
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Students will be able to identify Everyone, Nonfiction, Fiction, and Biography call numbers. 

Students will be able to locate a specific section of the library by a library call number. 

Students will create an Explain Everything Movie that describes where the four areas are located, and what a call number looks like from that area. 

**Please note that this lesson was created for a classroom with 1:1 iPads. 

English Language Arts
Grades K – 3
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Go over class objectives with students. 

Review the four different areas of the the library, what their call numbers look like, and what types of books are located there.

Biography- B

Fiction- FIC 

Nonfiction- Numbers (598.3) 

Everyone- E

Play Auto Rap songs created in previous class or make a new rap. 



Activity: Assessing

After reviewing the four different types of call numbers with Auto Rap. Complete a quick formative assessment with students using note cards with call numbers written on them. 

Hold up a note card with a call number and instruct the students (whole group) to perform a specific action when they see the different call numbers. 

For example: everyone call numbers raise both hands, fiction call numbers stand up, nonfiction call numbers touch your nose, biography call numbers hands on head. 

** Note his could be adapted into a Keynote/Google Slide presentation and be teacher directed on the board. If you plan on using the extension for direct instruction, note cards are required. 

[Extension for older students: hand the students a card and instruct them to go stand by that specific area in the library] 


Student Instructions

When I see an everyone call number raise both hands.

When I see a fiction call numbers stand up.

When I see a nonfiction call numbers touch my nose. 

When I see a biography call numbers hands on head. 

[If I am handed a library call number card, I will walk to that area of the library, raise the card in the air, and quietly wait for my teacher to check to see if I am correct] 



Create an Explain Everything Movie to teach others about the library call numbers found in our school library. 

(1)Show an example of an Explain Everything video created by a student. Earth Materials Example Movie:  https://www.youtube.com/watchv=cbUyHJ-2Ykk 

(2) Teach/Review how to use Explain Everything App. A great tutorial video can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b00ZeszvjP4

(3) Hand out script or outline for call number videos. Script can be found here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx8vUcvsM9DjQ0tzZVhfTW0wNnM/view?usp=sharing

(4) As a class create the title slide, introduction, and everyone call numbers. 

(5) Show students how to record their voice on each slide. 


Student Instructions

 To find the student script for Explain Everything: Library Call numbers, please go to the following link: 




After completing the first three slides as a whole group, instruct the students to complete their movies independently. 

Students will need to move around the library to take images for their movies. 

Students can find a quiet place around the library to record their voices. 

Teacher will troubleshoot any issues that might arise and monitor student work/progress.


Student Instructions

I can use my movie script to complete my explain everything video. 

I can safely walk around the library and take pictures. 


Wrap up Library Call Numbers by sharing student videos created through Air Play. 

Play Library Call Numbers Kahoot at: