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Levels of Organization in Living Things

Students will understand the levels of organization in living things.
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Students will be able to...

7.12C Recognize levels of organization in plants and animals, including cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms.

Grades 7
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1 Warm-up: Kahoot Quiz on Living Things

Free, Paid

Warm-up: Teachers administers Kahoot! quiz and goes over answers with students after results are shown.

Student Instructions

Warm-up: Students log in to Kahoot with a partner and answer quiz questions.

2 Engage: YouTube Video on Levels of Organization

Free, Paid

Teacher shows Levels of Organization video to students.

3 Explore/Explain: Levels of Organization Foldable

Activity: Creating

Put students into groups of 3-4.  They will go to computers and complete levels of organization foldable from powerpoint slides.

4 Evaluate: Ticket Out

Students will use the exit ticket app to answer the following questions:

What do all living things have in common (5 things)?

What are the levels of organization in living things (smallest to largest)?

Today I learned that _______.