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Letter of the Week

Reinforcing the "Letter of the Week."
Lori C.
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Spring Mills Middle School
Martinsburg, United States
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My Grades K
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Students will be able to identify: Identify the upper/lower case "Letter of the Week." Repeat the beginning sound that the "Letter of the Week" makes. Write both upper/lower case "Letter of the Week."

English Language Arts
Grades K
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As a whole group students will watch a Storybots video, on the Smartboard, focusing on the "Letter of the Week."

Student Instructions

After watching the video students will turn to a friend and share the name of the letter and an object that begins with that letter. The class will then imagine they are cloud writers and "write" the letter (upper/lower case) in the sky. They will then turn to a friend and write the "Letter of the Week" on the friends back. The friend will guess if the letter is upper/lower case, and the name of the letter. They will switch and repeat.


The teacher will model how to use the apps during whole group time.

Student Instructions

After the teacher has modeled how to tap and metamorph the letter on the iPad the students will each take a turn tapping the iPad, thus changing or metamorphing the letter into an object that begins with that letter and sound.


The teacher will quickly review how to use each of the apps on the iPad by using the reflector app to how each app on the Smartboard. The teacher will model and reteach, if necessary, how to use each app in whole group, small group, partners, and individual.

Student Instructions

The students will be using thes apps after the "Letter of the Week" has been introduced. These apps will be used during literacy centers, small group time, partner share time, free choice centers, and even bus time at the end of the day. The students may choose from the apps listed each day.


The teacher will review the apps that the students will be using. All of the apps are engaging, yet all very strong on the student learning the letters and the sounds they make as well as the correct upper/lower case letter formation.

Student Instructions

The students will use the tablets to access these apps during literacy centers, when they complete work early, and at the end of the day while waiting for buses to be called.

5 5. WRAP UP

As a fun activity, at the end of the each week, the teacher will read a story that is filled with lots of words that begin with the "Letter of the Week." An example would be after spending the week focused on the letter Pp the teacher would read the story, "Five Little Pumpkins." The teacher will model how the students will review the "Letter of the Week" and it's sound. The teacher wil place the first pumpkin on the gate and say: "PPP pumpkin one, begins with a /p/ sound. The teacher will then make an upper/lower case Pp in the air. The teacher will do each of the five pumpkins the same way. When all of the pumpkins are on the gate the teacher will allow the students to pick a pumpkin and eat if, after they say the /p/ sound. The teacher will walk around during this time and observe and listen to the students name the letter, say the sound, and make the letter in the air. While students are picking pumpkins to eat the teacher will replay the Storybots Letter P. The students may sing the song along with the Storybots. This is a fun creative way to conclude the "Letter of the Week!"

Student Instructions

After listening to the story the students will paint five paper pumpkins, cut them out, mount them onto craft sticks. Each studnet will cut out a "gate" from cardstock. The students will retell the story of the five pumpkins to a friend using the puppet pumpkins and gate. During math time, students will use Little Debbie's Nutty Bars to "create" the gate. They place the bar setting up. The students will each get a cup with five candy corn pumpkins to again retell the story, but also to work on counting skills. The students will model the teacher instruction.