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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Let's Write a Story!

Students will illustrate what they have learned about library activities and library behavior by creating a book "Pigeon Goes to the LIbrary" based on the character by Mo Willems
Lorri S.
Media specialist/librarian
Carlisle-Foster's Grove Elementary School
Chesnee, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Deomonstrate their knowledge of the library's purpose

Demonstrate various activities that take place in the library.

Communicate their knowledge of proper library ettiquette

Collaborate with others to create a storyline.

Create items to fulfill their vision of their tasks on the storyline.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 2
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1 Puppet presetation

Activity: Presenting

Using a Pigeon doll puppet, the librarian will create a presentation of Pigion visiting in the library.  Pigeon tells the students that he's never been in a library and asks them to  tell him about what a library is, how to find and check-out books.  He then demonstrates some poor shelf behavior.  The librarian, if needed, will ask the students to instruct and demonstrate correct behavior.

Student Instructions

Participate as good listeners when Pigeon appears and greets them.  They will ask questions and respond to the puppet and librarian.  Students will be asked to give answers to Pigeon's questions and demonstrate what they know about the library.

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid

Librarian will supply paper and pencils, crayons, etc., for the students to use during the watching of the video.

1) Watch the video that demonstrates how to draw Pigeon and Duckling through once.

2)  Re-watch the video stopping to allow students to practice what is being shown.

Student Instructions

Watch the video showing how to draw Pigeon.

Follow the steps to create the characters.

Practice making changes to show various movements.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Librarian intorduces the task of creating a book about Pigeon going to the library.  Would the book be about Pigeon teaching What a library is and how to use the library?  Could Pigeon be suggesting certain books for kids to read?  Could Pigeon be teaching  friendly library behavior?  

Student Instructions

Students discuss their ideas and decide on which book or books they would like to collaborate on making.  They will get into those groups, discuss and create a storyline and assign pages.



4 Independent Practice

Teacher will make supplies available manage student activity.

As pictures are completed they need to be converted into images and placed into Book Creator.



Student Instructions

Create drawings to illustrate their story,  

(As much as they can do themselves) - Have their pictures converted into images to place in Book Creator

5 Wrap Up and Share.

Special Guest:  Puppet presentation where Pigeon returns and asks students to tell him what they have been doing.

Oversee presentaton of ebooks.

Engage in a project review discussion as assessment

Student Instructions

Students will participate in large group discussion to interact with the Pigeon to reflect on what they have created.

Present and watch their ebooks presented.

Engage in a project review discussion as assessment