Lesson Plan

Lets take a virtual walk

Taking tours are fun, even when its virtual!

Students will be able to conduct a tour of their neighborhood while using online resources

Social Studies
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook

Ask students why they think we use maps.

Allow students to engage in the BrainPop video that explains why maps are useful (Play video 2x)

Take the students on a virtual tour around the schools neighborhood using Google maps and street view. Point out things that may look familiar.

Allow the students to verbally explore and help navigate through Google street view.



Student Instructions

Children will listen to the video and answer questions at the teachers request.

2 Direct instruction

Activity: Other — Example

Show the children a hand drawn map of your childhood neighborhood.  Point out a few key places that are significant to you.

Allow children to ask questions about the map

3 Guided Practice/Independent exploration of the tool

Allow children to familiarize themselves with the Google maps tool for at least 5-10 minutes

Show interest in the student's neighborhoods by asking them questions like: How long do you think it would take to walk/ rid a bike from your home to school?

Are there any parks nearby your house?

Can you show me what is at the end of your street? What about to the left?

Student Instructions

Students will use Google maps to navigate their neighborhoods and as a resource for drawing their own maps

4 Independent activity

Activity: Drawing

Direct students to draw a map of their neighborhood. Encourage them to highlight their favorite places to play, where their friends live and other important places within their neighborhood.

Student Instructions

Use what you experienced on Google Maps to draw a map of your neighborhood

5 Grand Finale

Activity: Presenting

Allow students to present.  Section students into groups of three. To extend learning encourage children to explore their maps and main roads nearby their neighborhoods. This will aid them in figuring out how close they live to each other. At the end of the activity join all maps using main roads and display a large road map of the collective communities.

Student Instructions

Students will present their work to the class and identify key places on their map.

Students will work in groups of 3 to learn about each others neighborhoods and determine how close they live to each other by discovering familiar streets and main roads