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Let's Go on a Vacation!

7th and 8th graders will research a popular vacation destination and create a website to promote that destination
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Students will be able to...

Find information and pictures available for reuse about a popular vacation destination on the Internet.

Write the information in their own words in a Google Spreadsheet and share it with the teacher. 

Create a bibliography of resources used using EasyBib.

Create a slideshow of pictures for their website homepage using Animoto

Create a website using Google Sites promoting the vacation site they researched. 

Create a Google Form to ask others to evaluate their work. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Show students this video on places to visit in the world. 

Invite students to share about vacations they have been on or places they have dreamed of visiting. Share this link with students to check out some popular vacation destinations and to pick a place they would love to visit in the future. 


2 Direct Instruction

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Show students a sample of research for a vacation destination that you are passionate about. Make a copy of and use this Google spreadsheet to record your information. 

Then have students research the vacation destination they chose.  They will put the information in their own words, along with URLs where they find information and pictures, into their copy of this Google spreadsheet after they make a copy of it.  This spreadsheet will be shared with the teacher and possibly with another student to do some peer evaluations. 


3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Students will use Easybib to site the sources for the information from their research. They will export their bibliographies into a Google Doc, add a title, and then share it with the teacher. 

4 Independent Practice

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Students use Animoto to create a slideshow of photos to embed on the homepage of his/her website.  They will use the pictures they found while researching that they included in the Slideshow section of the Google Spreadsheet. 

5 Wrap-Up

Students will create a Google Site about his/her vacation destination including the following pages: 

1. Home Page: includes a slide show of pictures, and an invitation to visit the destination chosen
2. Basic Information Page: Includes the basic information students found about the destination and a picture of a map of the destination
3. Activities: Includes activities a visitor could do when visiting the destination, with pictures
4. Attractions: Includes things to see when visiting the destination, with pictures.

When completed, students can create a Google Form to ask peers to evaluate and give feedback on their websites.