Lesson Plan

Let's Get Moving with Verbs!

Students identify and create examples of verbs within a sentence, photograph, or video, using BrainPop Jr., Popplet, and Kahoot.
Jess T.
ELL teacher
Westside Elementary Norfolk, Nebraska
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4
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Students will be able to...

  • act out verbs.
  • identify verbs.
  • identify, act out, and capture verbs in a Popplet.
  • orally present their verb Popplet to the class.
  • publish their verb Popplet on SeeSaw.




English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades 1
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1 The Hook

Free, Paid

Introduce students to what a verb is by playing the Verb Rap Song video.  The first time, just let the students hear the video, the second time, have them sing and do the actions with the video. 

2 Direct Instruction

Present the verb video on BrainPOP Jr.  After the video, discuss with the students what a verb is.  Brainstorm ideas of verbs with the students, listing them on the board.  Next, have students act out some of the verbs as you read through their list.  

3 Group Practice

As a group, play the BrainPop Jr game, Catch the Verbs.  Conduct formative assessments through observation as students play the game.  

4 Independent Work


Inform students that they now have the job of finding verbs around the classroom.  They are to record these verbs with their iPads and create a group of verbs in Popplet.  Students can use themselves or fellow students as subjects for the verbs (running, smiling, reading, etc.).   

5 Assessment/Wrap Up

Students will present their Popplets to the class.  They will also publish their Popplets on SeeSaw to share with their parents.