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Let's Communicate!

Conversing with peers across Google
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Students will be able to appropriately converse with their peers across the Google Classroom platform by responding to various open-ended questions regarding their summer vacations and common interests. 

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 1 - Communicating Digitally

Activity: Conversing

- Create a Google account and a Google Classroom Page

- Create a few Common Sense practice questions on Google Classroom

- Discuss with your students the pros and cons of digital communication

- Use Google Classroom to collaboratively ask the practice questions (these are models for their future practice)


Student Instructions

- Think about what it means to communicate digitally and the proper behaviors we must exhibit while conversing across the Internet

- Think about the pros and cons of communicating digitally

- Think of an example of an appropriate behavior and an example of an inappropriate behavior that can take place through digital communication

- Collaboratively answer the Common Sense practice questions with your teacher and classmates

2 2 - Appropriate Behaviors

Activity: Other — Practicing