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Let's Be Awesome!

The essential question is: how can I be awesome?
Karen C.
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High Plains Elementary
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Students will be able to...

1) Understand an author's message about acceptance of others and being unique
2) Apply the author's message to their own life

English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will introduce the essential question: how can you be awesome?

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

The teacher will read aloud the book Exclamation Mark by Amy Krause Rosenthal.  As the teacher is reading, s/he will engage the students in a discussion about how the character feels about himself in the beginning vs. the end; what happened along the way for the character to change his perception of himself; and what is the author's message.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Reading

The students will work with a partner.  Each partner will select one book to read from among a bin of books with the themes of being yourself, uniqueness, it’s OK to be different, etc.   Some possible books could be:   

Cowboy Slim by Julie Danneberg
Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore
Moosetache by Margie Palatini
Chamelia by Ethan Long
Dandelion by Don Freeman; 
It’s OK To Be Different by Todd Parr
My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis

After reading the books, each student will complete a written response of the author’s message using this format:




4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Next the students will use two apps:

1) PicCollage
2) ThingLink (this is the app, not the website as indicated below)

Upon completion of the written responses, the students will share an iPad and will each take a photo of a)  their written response; and b)  the cover of their book.

The students will use the iPad app PicCollage and create a collage which includes: a)  the images of their book covers; b) a title for the collage; c) the essential question “How can I be awesome?”; and d)  their names written as “By [first name] and [first name]”.  Students will save this collage in Photos on the iPad.

Next the students will open the iPad app ThingLink.  They will start a new project based on the collage image saved above.  On this image they will: a)  attach a hot spot of each of their responses with the corresponding book covers; and 2) each add a video recording of themselves answering the essential question.  These video hot spots should be attached to the text showing the essential question.


5 Wrap-up

Students will copy the link to their finished product and share the link with their teacher and parents.   The teacher could also consider copying each link into a class blog or Schoology account so that the kids and parents can revisit the projects.   

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to be able to read the students’ responses when viewing the ThingLink online, it’s necessary to zoom in using Control + or Control -

Here’s a sample of the activity.  Be sure to mouse over the image to see the hotspots: