Lesson Plan

Lesson Flow

Real World Math and Physics problems

Students will be able to.

*Create real world word problems

*Students will be able to understand how math and science correlate with the real world.

Students will be able to solve the real world word problems

Student will be able to decipher which formulas to use for each problem.

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Use the Poll everywhere to ask a question that introduces a real world math or science problem. 

2 Direct Instructions

Place the class instructions and note of TeacherTube so that students are able to access them.

3 Guided Practice

Use voice thread to walk student through a step by step tutorial of how to solve the problems.

4 Independent Practice

Use fast fig to create work sheet for student to practice individually.

5 Wrap up

Show students interactive websites where they can see math and physic in play.