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Legacies of Ancient Rome

Students learn how much of our daily lifestyle we owe to the ancient Romans
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Students will be able to...

identify a number of areas in which ancient Roman civilization influences our culture today

explore the contributions the Romans made in several areas

determine and defend their choice for most important legacy of ancient Rome


Social Studies
Grades 5 – 7
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1 Hook -What have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

Students view the movie segment and record as many of the contributions of the Romans named as possible.  You may want to show it twice to allow them to add more to their list.

2 Direct Instruction/Guided Practice -- Creating a Museum Box

Museum Box
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Using a variety of on- and off-line resources, students will work in pairs to identify what they believe are the eight most important contributions of the Romans to modern society.  They will use Museum Box to collect images and/or video and write a description of each contribution.

3 Wrap Up

Museum Box
Free, Paid

Students share their museum boxes with the class.

Following the share, students choose what they think is the MOST important legacy of ancient Rome and write and submit  a paragraph defending their choice.