Lesson Plan

Learning the Seasons

Helps students learn and remember the different seasons in a year.

Students will be able to...recite the four seasons that occur on Earth and be able to describe the type of weather that is familiar with each one.  They also will be able to recite the order which the seasons occur in a calendar year.

Grades K
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Begin by asking the students if they can name a season.  If one of the students can answer then ask a follow up question to see if they know what season we are currently in.  Ask or describe the type of weather that occurs with each season.

2 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Give the students a sheet of paper and ask them to draw the type of weather that occurs during their favorite season.  Allow the students to be creative, for snow let them glue cotton balls to the paper, or for fall have them gather colored papers and make them look like leaves.

3 Conclusion

Activity: Other — Reinforcing



Watch this video as a wrap up to learning the 4 seasons.  Have the students learn the song to help reinforce the season if you'd like.