Lesson Plan

Learning Royalty Free & Creative Commons Licenses & Resources

Teaching students to use materials appropriate for global publishing.
Julie Y.
Classroom teacher
South Portland High School
South Portland, United States
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Students will be able to...

  • Define what royalty free and creative common licenses are
  • Gather resources to use for future media projects
  • Create media projects suitable for global publishing
  • Site resources used
English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Project Pre-Plan

Before hand decide what sort of project you want students to create by the end of the lesson. For this example: I want students to create a video commercial for a hair product that smells like flowers. In the pre-plan stage: gather the rubrics, gather resources of your own (see the rest of the app flow for ideas), and get the timeline of lessons ironed out. 

I have selected iMovie as the digital tool to create the videos, though you can use other apps depending on the final outcome- such as bookmakers, prezis, etc. When I have students make video games it's a great way to get them thinking of what to use for assets that they can actually publish. 

2 Project Introduction

Free, Paid

Show students examples of the project you want them to create. For my example, I show students examples of commercials from YouTube that have to do with hair products. What works? What shots do they all use? What audio?

At this point I show the rubric and go through my expectations: including storyboards, royalty free music and images, etc.

It is at this point the concept of royalty free and creative commons licenses are introduced. Have students spend time investigating and explaining it to the class. 

YouTube is a great resource for this due to them not allowing videos to be uploaded with copyright issues.

Student Instructions

Students should be looking up creative commons licenses and the definition of royalty free.

They can also be looking into samples of whatever project you have assigned- for this, I had students look up their favorite hair commercials. 

3 Content & Resource Gathering

Free, Paid

Show students options for royalty free content. Pixabay is a great resource for photos and images. Icompetech is a great resource for music. YouTube Audio library, etc. Help students gather what they need to complete their project.

Have them find five unique and free sites to gather materials from for future classes. 

I have a list of royalty free resources (not all, but some) at my website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrsyorkonline/royalty-free-resources 

Student Instructions

Find five sites for free materials that are copyright appropriate.

Gather footage and materials to complete project.

Start project.

4 Create & Publish

Activity: Broadcasting

Help students complete the project. The most important aspect is to publish when complete. This helps students connect their work to a global audience. Also make sure all materials are appropriate and cited in some way: i.e. a video project needs credits. 

Assess and discuss at the end the difference between what was done and "copying and pasting" from the internet. What was harder? What was better? Why is it important? Etc. 

Student Instructions

Create and publish work.