Lesson Plan

Learning Letter Sounds

Children in early childhood education are introduced to learning how to read Montessori style by learning letter sounds before learning letter names.

Increase phonemic awareness and general reading and writing skills through the following goals:

-Identify letter sounds in isolation and within words

-Match letter sounds and letter shapes

-Write letters in isolation

-Write words as they hear them

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – K
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Student Notes

1 Hook

Activity: Other — Engaging

Teacher gets the students excited to learn/practice letter sounds by personalizing the lesson. This is done by dismissing the students from group time by the sound the first letter of their name makes. For instance, the teacher would say, "Anyone whose name starts with an mmmmm sound please go find a spot at the table." This would continue until all the students have been called and taken a seat for the activity/lesson.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

The teacher presents the letter sound or sounds that the students will be working on mastering today. She models how to write the letter(s) by tracing it/them with her finger and having the students do the same at their seats, and how to say the sound the letter(s) make(s) and having the students repeat after her.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will then identify several words that start with the letter sound(s) of the day. She will have the students work with a neighbor or in small groups to come up with more examples of words that begin with the same sound(s). This might include asking them specifically to choose things they see or read around the room. Depending on how well the students are doing with letter sound recognition at this point, the teacher may also identify words that end with the letter sound(s) of the day and have student pairs or groups come up with examples.

4 Independent Work

Next the teacher will have each student independently work on the lesson objectives (as described at the beginning of this lesson) through the Montessori Letter Sounds App. This digital tool allows students to explore all letter sounds, hear the names of all objects used in the games, and trace letters in a digital sand tray through four game levels.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

Wrap up the lesson by making sure each child has a good grasp on the letter sound(s) of the day by bringing them back into a group, saying the letter sound(s) together, and identifying names of classmates or other words (read around the room or that students come up with spontaneously) that begin or end with the letter sound(s).