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"Learning at My Own Pace" with Dreambox Math

This is a general app flow (can be adapted) where students can personalize their learning with Dreambox and then extend their learning through exploration and games.
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Students will be able to...

  • customize math instruction to accomodate learning level and pace.
  • set goals and communicate through online platforms
  • extend math learning through games and interests.


Grades 2 – 8
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1 Setting Goals

Before actually diving into Dreambox, it is a good idea to set up a learning management system for your students. This could be your platform of choice--for this app flow, I suggest using Google Sites, Edmodo and Google Calendar. 

Class Learning Management System: Google Sites

1. Goal-setting: Students learn to set goals for their own math learning by using Google Calendar. Each student (through GAfE account) makes their own calendar to be shared between teacher and student. 

2. Students can set daily, weekly, even monthly goals on how their own learning by using their calendar. 

3. Using Edmodo (or another platform) for communication and feedback. Edmodo can be directly linked to Google Site (as learning hub). 

2 Math Instruction

After initial diagnostic, Dreambox provides a personalized online educational system for the student, modifying material as students progress to best meet their needs. Dreambox calls this Intelligent Adaptive Learning, as it "adapts in real time to every interaction a students makes, both within and between lessons."

Students progress through different units/skills and teachers receive real time data to help track progress. Students could work independently or in small groups. Or this could be used for math rotations. 

Once students achieve daily, weekly, or monthly goals, they can track progress on their Google calendar, as well as extend learning through games and other math platforms. 

When students have completed certain learning goals, teachers can create exit tickets/dip sticks using Google Forms, embedded on Google Sites (class learning hub). Student can complete these as they go along to track reflection. 

3 Extension

Free, Free to try, Paid

When students have reached their learning goals, they may extend their learning by engaging with various different online math explorations. Using Symbaloo, teachers can curate the different If you are a GAfE school, you can embed the Symbaloo on your Google Site. 

Graphite Recommended List of Math Games Online