Lesson Plan

Learning about levels of Questioning

Students will have an opportunity to learn about levels of questions and practice writing them.
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Students will be able to write and identify level 1, 2, and 3 questions. 

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Learning

Provide the students with the forms to help them identify the characteristics of level 1/2/3 questions. 

Student Instructions

Students take notes on teacher presentation and papers. 

2 Identify

Provide students with link to padlet or google drawing. Tell students they are to sort the questions given as level 1/2/3. 

Student Instructions

Students will go to provided link and sort the questions. After sorting students will write the reasons why they decided to group the questions the way they did. 

3 practice

Print and tape QR codes around the room. Have students download QR code readers on devices. Share the google doc graphic organizer for the teams of students. They will share this with each other to share the question writing ability. Students will scan QR codes and write a level 1/2/3 question for each. Then turn in on your LMS. 

Student Instructions

Make a copy of the google doc provided by your teacher and share it with your team. Go around the room and scan the QR codes. Write a level 1/2/3 question for each QR code on the google doc. Turn in when finished.