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Learning about Leaves

The students will be continuing their plant unit on leaves.
Desiree H.
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Students will be able to:

Know-Students will use a list of terms identify and label the parts of a plant  froma word bank with 85% accuracy.      
Know-Students will use characteristics of a gymnosperm leaf and  identify the correct gymnosperm leaves compared to incorrect gymno sperm leaves with 90% accuracy.  


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1 Hook

To introduce the plant unit to the students I will have them watch this brain break video on parts of the plant, it is a fun informative video to catch their attention and start out my lesson.

 Introduction: Clarify aims and establish set.

Start by reading The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia.
Today we will be measuring leaves and comparing their structures
Last time we talked about plants leaves and roots
Everyone brought 4 leaves in today that we will compare and contrast 

2 Direct Instruction

Using a Smart Board discuss the presentation on plants.

1. Introduce the categories  of leaves.

2.  Go over the different types of leaves that the students may have brought in.

3.  Do the leaf interaction matching on the smart board



3 Guided Practice

Review the leaf types and model examples of how to determine what type of leaf they brought in.

Check to make sure students comprehend the leaf types and allow them to use parteners if neccessary.

4 Independent Practice

Before the students use this app have them determine what type of leaf they brough in. Go over the graphic organizer and them allow them to use the app Plants HD to create plants and watch them grow.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

To wrap up my lesson I will go back over the different types of leaves and what they created in the plant app.  I will discuss what types of leaves they may have noticed in the app.  I will assess their graphic organizer based what they put into the assignment, where they able to identify their leaf? Did they draw their leaf and discuss characteristics of it?