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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Learn About My State Research Project

Each second grader will create a Learn About My State book for their own state as they prepare for their State Hats Day presentation to the school. They will research the information and then use the book they create to help them remember the facts.
Karen O.
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Green Acres School
Rockville, United States
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Students will be able to...

  1. Research facts about their state.
  2. Each make their own Learn About My State book that contains pictures and voice explanations of what the pictures represent.
  3. View the book in preparation for State Hat Day.
  4. Cite World Almanac for Kids Online as a source.
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1 Hook

  1. Ask students to talk about the State Hats Day program that they have seen in past years.  
  2. Guide conversation to focus on the speech and the self-designed state hat that they will create  with the information they learn from their research.   On example might be a Colorado hat decorated with a mountain, goggles and skiers.



Student Instructions
  1. Students share  thoughts  about State Hats Day which creates interest from other students.

2 Direct Instruction

  1. Introduce the Learn About My State activity and list the images on the board that the students will be finding  (based on the resources in World Almanac for Kid Online) about their individual state. 
  • fun fact
  • locator map
  • bird
  • tree
  • flower
  • flag
  • agriculture
  • industry
  • citation
  1. Show completed sample book and pass out rubric which includes criteria for: cover, research information,  spelling and punctuation, layout of pages and voice.  
  2. Evaluate completed sample book with rubric together.  First, go through the entire book to get an overview.  Then, go back through the book to evaluate it.  Have students highlight the "3" column of the rubric and explain the expectations in this column. Then ask questions to guide students through rubric.  Some sample questions are listed below: 
  • ​Did you see a title, name and year on the cover?
  • Was all of the information on the cover spelled and capitalized correctly?
  • Did you hear a  fact about the state on each page?
  • Is there a photo on each page?



Student Instructions
  1. Evaluate completed sample book with rubric.

3 Guided Practice

  1. Show students how to access information in World Almanac for Kids Online.  
  2. Remind students how to copy images including the logo to use as a source citation.
  3. Show how to access Book Creator and create a square book.
  4. Create cover page with students while explaining how to change colors and fonts as well as  how to insert images.


**At the end of the activity, pull the students back together to explain how to add voice explanation and where to go in the room where it is quiet.

Student Instructions
  1. Each student accesses and begins copying their own state images from World Almanac for Kids Online to the camera roll.
  2. Each student checks off the sheet as he/she saves images.
  3. Each student opens Book Creator and creates a square book.
  4. Each student creates their own cover page simultaneously with  the class.


4 Independent Practice

  1. In advance, print pages from World Almanac for Kids Online that have the each of the 8 images​ with the name of the image below.  The citation image does not need to be printed as it has the name within the image that each student saved.
  2. Pass out printed pages with names of images for student voice descriptions later.
Student Instructions
  1.  Students continue adding images to the remaining pages of the book.
  2. Students find a quiet spot and add voice explanations to each page while keeping the iPad steady.

5 Wrap Up

  1. Show students how to upload book into Dropbox.
  2. Demonstrate how to access book from Dropbox to read and practice the state facts as they prepare to write their speech for State Hats Day.  
  3. Explain that while students enjoy their books, they should be listening closely for any information they want to include in their speech.
  4. Invite students to access each others' books. 
  5. Group discussion about general observations of classmates' work so students can see what works well and possibly use some of the ideas in their next book/project.
  6. Invite students to upload book to Seesaw where they can reflect on their book about 1) what they did 2) what they learned  3) what they would like to do better the next time they create a book.  Each student can share his or her book and reflection  with their parents who can comment.
Student Instructions
  1. Upload book into to Dropbox and access for practice.
  2. Possibly access classmate's books and share observations during a whole class wrap up.
  3. Upload book into Seesaw and reflect on project.
  4. Talk about book with parents and/or read parent comments in Seesaw.