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Language Arts lesson that incorporates visual prompts
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Students will be able to...

1.  Use relevant details in order to describe a specific place

2.  Effectively communicate using the Gigapan website

3.  Analyze visual data 

4.  Write a visually charged story

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — Gigapan Education Website http://education.gigapan.org/

Using the Gigapan Education Website, you will introduce the lesson by showing students photos from across the world and the conversations that have been attached to the photos you have chosen. Mention that posting to this website is similar to the comment feeds that you may see on facebook or twitter. Allow students to zoom into and out of the photo panoramas using a SMARTboard if available. 

Gigapan Education Website  http://education.gigapan.org/

2 Direct Instruction

Free to Try, Paid

Students have now been introduced to the Gigapan Website. Quickly, get out and demonstrate how Gigapan technology works if you have the Gigapan camera and robotic device available for demonstration. If you do not have this technology available to you please feel free to use a stitching app or simply look at how the iphone panorama works to stitch together photos you have taken in your classroom. After you have taken your own photos you may use them to fuel your writing exercise. If students who have the iPhone choose to taken panoramas in your classroom, have them post their panaramas into a classroom blog that you can create on Kidblog. On this blog, students can comment on each panorama to show their understanding of descriptors. You may also try to access the photos I have provided for my students on the Gigapan Education Website or others that you may enjoy on any panorama site. (http://education.gigapan.org/pano/1136 and http://education.gigapan.org/pano/1137) As your students are looking at the photos, have them start to toss around adjectives that describe what they see. 


3 Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing

Allow students to get out a smart device or log onto a computer and access the photos you have chosen on gigapan or your blog. (If you are unable to access the internet, you can also use sticky notes as comment posts on enlarged photos) Once a single student posts a descriptor, have other students add to their description...for example red..bright red..beautiful, bright red...then finally when they see a comment strand that has an adequate description they can post a complete sentence using the adjectives/descriptors...from the previous example The beautiful, bright red flower began to sway in the breeze. 

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Conversing

Have students continue to post comments and sentences on the Gigapan website or blog you have created. You may choose to have them do this as an in-class or homework assignment. All students should post at least ten descriptors and five complete sentences. More than one sentence can be added for each descriptor that is used within the picture.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Creating

Using the website for a spring board, have the students choose which photo they would like to write about. They are more than welcome to use the provided sentences that have been complied by their classmates as sentences in their final story. Each student should create a story that focuses on the the visual impact the images you have been looking at have on the viewer as a springboard to help their story come alive to their readers senses.