Lesson Plan

Laces Shot!

Create a lesson outline for striking a soccer ball.

Students will be able to strike a soccer ball properly with their laces.  The student will be able to strike the ball with much more power when they learn the technique to hitting the ball with their laces.

Health & Wellness
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating


Teacher will set up projector screen either in the gym or classroom.

Show the quick 3 in a hlaf minute video of amazing shots from distance.

Do not get bothered by kids cheering during video as you want them to be excited. .

Student Instructions

Have students sit on the gym floor, or in their seats to watch the short video.  It will not be hard to get them to focus as the video is very exciting!

2 Task

Activity: Other — Practice

Demonstrate to students how to strike the ball. Show them that we are working on technique, and not power. Let them know when we master the technique the power will follow!

Make sure to emphasize the little things (little steps in your approach, point toes to the ground, lock ankle, follow though, land on your shooting foot)

Repeat the little things, but don't be a broken record. 

Stress the importance of technique, and not hitting the ball with everything we have!

Partner the students up.


Student Instructions

Each pair will have 1 ball.

1 student should be on one sideline of the basketball court. The other student on the other.

Students should attmept to get the ball to each other by hitting it with their laces.

3 Lead Up Game

Activity: Other — Numbers Game

Split the class into 2 teams. 

Number them off untill everyone has their own number.

The teacher will play a ball into the area and call out a number.

Those players must then sprint onto the field and play a 1v1.

The game should continue until a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds.

Student Instructions

Students must remain in the designated area untill their number is called.

If a student gets in the way, deduct point.

4 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing

Call the students in, and end the lesson.

Ask questions about the things that were most stressed by you the instructor.

Make sure to ask questions that are open ended, and close ended to promote criticial thinking.

Demonstrate one more time proper technique

Student Instructions

Students should be sitting down in a group.

All eyes, and ears on the teacher.

Actively engaged in the discussion.