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Know Your Rights!

This app flow will encourage students to research the amendments that make up the Bill of Rights and to prioritize them according to personal importance.
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Upon completion of this activity, students will be able to discuss and analyze the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution and justify their perception of the most important one.

Social Studies
Grades 11
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1 Hook <Brainstorming>

Activity: Conversing

Instruct students to brainstorm regarding the everyday rights they enjoy as America citizens.  Create a graphic organizer using categories such as social, political, personal rights on the whiteboard and allow students to enter two of the basic rights they enjoy daily on the board.

Student Instructions

Consider the rights you enjoy in your daily life.  Record two of those rights into the graphic organizer on the whiteboard.

2 Direct Instruction <Group Activity> Guided Practice <Group Activity>

Instruct students to create a list of the amendments and research/record definitions.

Research to distinguish which actions of Great Britain led to the passage of each of the first ten amendments. Illustrate each with a flow chart.

Student Instructions

Students are to use their textbook and Google Search to identify the amendments that correspond to the rights posted on the board, list the amendments, by number and agree on a definition/description of each amendment. Create a flashcard of each of the amendments using Quizlet.

Using text knowledge or internet research, decide which actions of Great Britain led to the passage of each of the first ten amendments. Create a flow chart illustrating your findings.

3 Independent Practice <Infographic>

Activity: Assessing

Instruct students to remain in their small groups, discuss the Bill of Rights amendments, and decide upon the most important to their everyday lives.  Students will create a Piktochart illustrating their choice and present it to the class.

Teacher will assess Piktochart and grade students on completion/presentation/justification.

Student Instructions

In your assigned group, discuss the amendments included in the Bill of Rights and come to a concensus regarding the most important amendment in your everyday lives.  Using Piktochart (or other Infographic website), create a graphic organizer to be presented to the class that illustrates your choice of the most important of the amendments listed in the Bill of Rights and the justification for your choice.  Present your Piktochart to the class.

4 Wrap Up <Whole group discussion>

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In whole class discussion, encourage students to think about their group discussions and other all group presentations.  Determine how their ideas about individual rights have changed.  Review the amendments. Prepare for future amendment quiz.

Student Instructions

Think about the amendments you have learned about today and the justification of importance presented by all the groups.  Study your flash cards to be used on an amendment quiz.