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King Penguin vs. Emperor Penguin

Students will compare and contrast important points of two penguins.
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Students will be able to complete a compare and contrast graphic organizer by collecting information from at least two texts:  book, you-tube video, and research website.

English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activate prior knowledge of penguins to provide support for all students with content and/or vocabulary knowledge of topic.  Ask students to turn and talk about what they learned about penguins from last weeks reading of Penguin Chick by Betty Tatham (refer to students' reading book page 210). Have students share their responses.

To hook students into the lesson, explain to them they will be taking a trip to Antarctica to study two of the 17 species of penguins.  Using a map, locate Antarctica and do the same using a globe.  Spin the globe and tell students to get ready for the trip.  But first,they will need to make sure that they have the correct clothing for a trip to Anarctica.  Show the video What To Wear.

Student Instructions

Students will view the video

2 Lesson Sequence

Explain to the students that they will be researching information about the Emperor penguin and the King penguin in order to compare and contrast both species.  Review the definition for compare (same) and contrast (different).  Tell students that they will select a compare and contrast graphic organizer.  They may select from four graphic organizers: a paper Venn diagram, interactive Venn diagram, paper top down compare contrast,  or interactive, top down compare and contrast. Show the two paper graphic organizers and demonstrate how to use the two interactive graphic organizers. Tell students they will need to select a partner and then they will choose a graphic organizer




Student Instructions

Students will select a partner and then they will select their graphic organizer.

3 Guided Practice

Explain to the students that they will will be able to select at least two different texts.  Show the student the different resources that they may use to collect information about the Emperor penguin and King penguin: Books, websites, and You-tube videos.


Student Instructions

Students will choose at least two different types of text to use to gather their information. 

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Other — Investigating and Creating

Go around and assist students with the process of gathering information from the different sources.  Also, assist students with filling in graphic organizers

Student Instructions

Students will use at least two different sources to gather information.  Students will fill out compare and contrast graphic organizer.

5 Closure

Activity: Presenting

Wrap up the lesson by having groups share out both their comparisons and contrast of the Emperor penguin and the King penguin.  Tell students that tomorrow they will use the information from their graphic organizer to write a compare and contrast passage.

Student Instructions

Students will share their information with the whole group.