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Understanding people, places and events in Kindergarten
Sharron W.
Classroom teacher
Sam Houston Elementary School
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Students will be able to...describe people, places and events in regards to Sam Houston Kindergarten.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades K
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1 Hook

Students will watch and then discuss what happens in kindergarten and places and people that work around the school.

2 guided practice School Tour

Activity: Exploring

Students will tour around Sam Houston observing rooms and special teachers that work in the building. Students will look for places discussed in the Brain Pop video on Kindergarten and going to school.

3 Guided practice Pictures

Activity: Creating

Students will take pictures of places at school where learning occurs and places that were similar to ones discovered in video.

4 independent practice

Activity: Creating

Students will record their voice describing the picture that they chose to take during the tour and why they chose that place to take a picture.