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K-5 Math Instruction Booster Pack

An app flow to help you boost your K-5 math instruction.
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Students will be able to learn and master multiple math skills in varied and differentiated ways. 

Grades K – 5
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1 Planning

Betterlesson is a great site with a ton of lesson plans, worksheets, and lesson materials. Search by grade and standard to find lesson plans for your teaching objectives. Be sure and take a moment to differentiate the lesson plan for your students and ensure it includes instructional supports they need and activities that would interest them. 

2 Introduction/Hook

Use these websites to find engaging videos that will introduce your students to the lesson content and also engage them in a fun way. BrainPop sites are not free, but do have a limited collection of videos that are free. Also be intentional about whether you first teach the concept and then watch the video, or the other way around. Both have negatives and positives and depend on your students. You can also set up watching stations for kids to watch a video after your lesson to refresh and deepen what you just taught.

3 Practice and Extension

To find the PBS math games you can go straight to pbskids.org/games/math. These are all sites with activities and games linked to multiple skills. These activities can be used to extend advanced learners, differentiate for low learners, and practice for all, depending on the activities you choose. Dreambox is by far the highest quality site and has an added bonus of being able to track individual student progress and plan what activities your whole class will do from one teacher dashboard page, but that is because Dreambox is also the only site above that is paid, although the rates are reasonable if you school has any sort of technology grants, and well worth the investment.

4 Continue Learning After School

These two websites will help you spill learning from the classroom into the living room! Learnzillion provides videos that walk step by step through solving math problems and explain math standards and practices. This is a great way to have parents learn the same academic vocabulary and practices that their students are learning in class. By watching the videos parents will be able to extend student learning and discuss concepts with students. Edmodo can be used to share activities and websites with kids and parents at home. Students can follow your directions or do homework/quizzes you assign. Also students can have disccusions with eachother and with you about what they're learing and may be struggling with.