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An app flow to help you boost your K-5 literacy instruction.
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Students will be able to learn and master multiple learning objectives in varied and differentiated ways. 

English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Planning

These two tools will help you to find high quality lesson plans and frame your scope for lessons. Start by searching by standard on Better Lesson or by Skill & Strategy on ReadWorks. I highly recommend using both and comparing/contrasting the lesson choices and quality. After you have the lesson take a minute to step back and adapt the lesson to address your students' specific needs and interests.

2 Introduction/Hook

Use these websites to find engaging videos that will introduce your students to the lesson content and also engage them in a fun way. BrainPop sites are not free, but do have a limited collection of videos that are free. Also be intentional about whether you first teach the concept and then watch the video, or the other way around. Both have negatives and positives and depend on your students.

3 Practice and Extension

These are all sites with activities and games linked to multiple skills. Lexia is the only one that costs money and, coincidentally, is by far the best one when it comes to activities directly linked to standards and tracking student progress. These activities can be used to extend advanced learners, differentiate for low learners, and practice for all, depending on the activities you choose.

4 Continue Learning After School

These three websites will help you spill learning from the classroom into the living room! Learnzillion has reading lessons that are clearly explained and walked through in video and worksheet form. This is a great way to involve parents in lessons and empower them to help their students with the same things they are learning in the classroom. Goodreads is a site that will allow kids to discuss and trade ideas on books they are reading, you as the teacher can drive these discussions to link to your lessons and objectives, you can create a class group and curate discussions. You can use Edmodo to share activities and lesson summaries to parents and students at home, also students can have discussions with other students and you about what they learned in class.