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Just-Right For Me

Students will discuss strategies for determining what is a just-right book for them.
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Students will be able to select a "Just-Right Book," after completing a picture walk and the Five Finger Test.

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Just-Right For Me

Activity: Presenting

Review the previous discussion about selecting a just-right using the following documents.

  • Just-Right Book


  • How Does a Just-Right Book Feel?



2 Guided Practice

Show the BrainPOP video "Choosing  a Book."

Discuss the six things Annie says she does when she tries to find a book that is just-right.

Record students' responses on an anchor chart. 

Display anchor chart so that students can refer to it when selecting books.

3 Independent Practice

Divide students in groups of threes.

Place a just right book, an easy book, and a challenging book in the middle of each group.

Have each student select one of the books.

Ask them to make one video per group showing each student reading the title, looking at the pictures, doing the five-finger test, and orally deciding whether the book is easy, just-right, or to hard for them. 

4 Wrap UP

Once students have completed their videos, place devices on a table. Have each group rotate to a different table, watch the video on that table, and click on the emoji to let the group know who has seen their video.  

End the lesson by reviewing the anchor chart created during this lesson.