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Students watch a video as an introduction to Jamestown. Then, they read about Jamestown, research the layout of the colony, go on an interactive tour with John Smith, and create a map of Jamestown.
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Students will be able to identify when Jamestown was founded, explain the motivation behind it, and describe the hardships faced by those first settlers through creating a movie reenactment.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — www.historyisfun.org

Show the "Discovering Jamestown" video to the class as an introduction to the discovery and founding of Jamestown. Here's the link: http://www.historyisfun.org/discovering-jamestown/ The video is 5:23, so it's a quick introduction.

2 Direct Instruction

Download and print the article: Colonization and Revolutionary War Jamestown from Readworks.org. Read it with the class or have them read it independently, then read it all together before they answer the questions. The passage describes the English colony of Jamestown, including information about why it was founded and how the colonists overcame challenges in creating the first permanent English colony in America. It lexiles at 720, and all articles on Readworks.org have accompanying comprehension questions and a teacher's guide/ answer key.

3 Guided Practice

Send students to your classroom Edmodo page where you've posted instructions and a link to national geographic. Explain that they will be going on an interactive exploration with John Smith. At the end of the interactive assignment, students are required to get back on Edmodo and type a paragraph describing at least three new facts they've learned.

4 Independent Practice

http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/interactiveadventures/john... Students follow John Smith on his journey through a series of videos. Between each informational video clip, they play relevant games, such as comparing a bow and a gun, building a fort, going sword fishing, and learning Native American words. Once they finish, they get on Edmodo and type a paragraph describing at least three new facts they've learned from this activity.

5 Wrap-up

Students will work in groups, select a director and actors, and write a script to demonstrate their understanding of life and the challenges of the first permanent settlement of Jamestown. They will then use iMovie to record and make their movie.