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It's a Person! It's a Place! It's a Thing!

Apps and sites to help students brush up on nouns.
Catherine B.
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Copper Mesa Elementary (Highlands Ranch, CO)
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to...

  • Understand the conventions of  grammar and usage
  • Demonstrate understanding of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing by editing provided text
  • Create digital content that demonstrates understanding of conventions in their own writing.
English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 The Hook

Activity: Other — Watching/Building Background Knowledge

Students will review the Discovery Education movie Pendemonium: The Ink on the Sphinx, which explores nouns. A Teacher's Guide is also included with extension opportunities.

Note: Must have an active Discovery Education account.


2 Direct Instruction

Students will then watch the Brainpop movie and complete the activities for nouns (note: BrainPop subscription required). 

Additionally students could also explore the noun section of the Grammaropolis app, which contains movies explaining the concepts, as well as short quizzes (provided in the free version of the app).

3 Guided Practice

Students will work individually using the App "Grammar Pop".  As students advance through the levels, they have a chance to earn coins and points, and unlock levels.

4 Independent Practice/Formative Assessment


Students will work individually, or in  collaborative groups, using the Quill website.

Prior to the lesson eacher should have already created an account and classroom. 

Teachers wlll go in an assign the first lesson: 1.1b. Use Common, Proper, and Possessive Nouns

Students will complete:

Passage Proofreading: Lola Meets the Furious Five
Sentence Writing: Common and Proper Nouns (Write ten sentences using common and proper nouns)
Sentence Writing: Possessive Nouns (Write ten sentences using possessive nouns)

Teacher will review and provide feedback.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Creating

Using the website Piclits, students will choose a provided picture to write a sentence or short paragraph about, using correct grammar and conventions.  Piclits, a kind of digital magnetic poetry site, allows students to use a bank of words (categorized under different parts of speech) that they can drag and drop with simple editing functions, or students can write free-style (a smaller list of words are offered as suggestions).  Final product would be assessed for correct conventions, as well as creativity and sentence complexity.