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It came in like a Hurricane!

Students have been studying weather with a focus on hurricanes. As the TIS, I wanted to integrate technology with the first year science teacher. Jason Learning is a STEM standards based program complete with standards, labs, assessments, graphic organi
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Students will be able to...

1. Access the program using Office 365 Credentials

2.  Join teacher created classroom

3.  Explore resources

4.  Complete a week-long hurricane research teacher-generated lesson:   research the hurricane gallery, save three different hurricane pictures to the desktop, upload pictures to Microsoft One Drive, create a One Note to compile research notes (pages and sections), insert pictures into separate sections in the OneNote and create three pages for each section.

5, In each section with pages: Page 1:  What do you observe in this picture?  What resources do you predict will be necessary to restore this community?  Page 2:  What type of hurricane is depicted in your picture? Use the Jason Website to compile your supporting evidence. Page 3: How has this hurricane impacted human life?  What could you do to help?  What types of occupations would be necessary to restore this community? 

6.  After all research is in the OneNote, show students how to create a SWAY in Microsoft using their pictures and research.

7.  Hold parent STEM night.  Students will show parents how to access Jason, teachers will show students and parents how to access the zipslipp and hand out parent codes for at home access.

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1 Hurricanes in Action

Have you ever witnessed a hurricane?  Have you wondered what it would look like in live view?  Would you like to navigate a website that has live science?  Are you interested in becoming an Argonaut? Would you like to show your parents' real live science?  Well, hold on to your laptop!  You are about to take part in a whirlwind science expedition!

1. Access edlink file on your desk top.

2. Select Jason.org

3. Login with your microsoft office credentials

4. DO NOT save your password (teacher will review reasons why).

5. Enter teacher code.

6. I will assign you activities based on various lessons and standards throughout the year.

7. Select Explore

8. After about 10 minutes of explore time, assign the above work.  

9. Demonstrate each step to saving pictures day 1

10. Day 2 review saving pictures

11. Day 2 upload pics to one drive and review steps 9, 10, 11

12. Day 3:  create the Microsoft Notebook

13. Day 4: continue setting up notebook

14. Day 5: assign research activity, help students who are struggling.


Student Instructions

Students will access the site, log in without saving their password, explore the site, join teacher's class with code, learn to save, upload, and create a OneNote and Sway, and facilitate a parent night. At the parent night, students will demonstrate how to log in and navigate the site and demonstrate their sways. 

Assessment will be based upon the criteria in the description above.